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Cellular Italia was founded in 1990 as a distributor for the first mobile phones.

In the first few years, the low battery autonomy of E-TACS phones led Cellular Italia to produce its first accessory, the car charger, and to launch the Cellular Line® brand.
Soon after, thanks to the success of the initiative, Cellular Italia S.p.A. began the steady production of accessories, abandoning the distribution of phones and consolidated its leadership in Italy as well as starting to export its products.

Since 2005 Cellular Italia has been a multi-brand group; its brands, Cellular Line®, CellUp®, Sycell®, MP3 Zone® and DigicamOn® allow the company to effectively diversify its leadership also through new distribution channels and towards new sectors including digital photography and portable digital music.

Cellular Italia is distributed in more than 60 countries, is leader in Italy and in Europe with the Cellular line® brand, and is one of the very few successfully active businesses in the continent. Cellular Italia has international branches in France, Switzerland and Spain.


Cellular Italia S.p.A. is based in Reggio Emilia, around 100 miles from Milan, in its state-of-the-art headquarters with almost 1,800m2 of offices and meeting rooms.

The headquarters are home to the brand and product divisions, the general management and the strategic sales management. 

Here the products, marketing strategies and sales models are studied and developed.
Also in Reggio Emilia are the export offices and the strategic coordination of the divisions, subsidiaries and foreign associate companies.


The experience matured in twenty years’ leadership in the domestic market is supported by a company structure which is able to grow through the territorial peculiarities of Europe through the French Division, and the subsidiary/associated companies Cellular Swiss, Cellular Spain and Cellular Iberia.

Malta electronics


Since 1991, TOPCOM is a manufacturer of COMMUNICATION and LIFECARE products for residential and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) markets. TOPCOM's products are mostly sold via the most important electronics chains, computer shops, department stores, telecom specialists, as well as through electricians and operators all over Europe.


Over the years TOPCOM has mainly concentrated on the development of wireless speech and data products such as Walkie Talkies (PMR, LPD), cordless DECT and corded telephones as well as a series of Broadband and Wireless LAN products. TOPCOM is an absolute trendsetter in Internet Telephony solutions or Voice over IP Products (VoIP) and focuses as a Skype Partner on a full range of Skype certified solutions. TOPCOM also has a diverse range of LIFECARE products such as healthcare products, Baby care products and various sports & wellness related items. TOPCOM's products stand for easy to use, high-quality which are easy to install @ competitive prices.


TOPCOM is a multinational company with offices across Europe and Asia. The headquarter is located in Belgium with central Product Engineering, Product Management, Sales &Marketing and Logistics. TOPCOM has its own sales offices in Sweden, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Hong Kong. In the rest of the world, TOPCOM works with agents and distributors.


TOPCOM Asia, located in Hong Kong, serves our OEM customers, interested in buying products in their own brand. TOPCOM will fully customize designs of products and gift boxes according the customer's needs.


Besides the Belgian engineering team, TOPCOM has a branch office in Shenzhen ( China ) with another strong engineering team, located close to the factories in order to be very flexible. Besides a team of own quality inspectors who are present during each production for Topcom, we also have a cooperation with TUV for external inspection and quality testing in order to deliver the highest quality.

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Golla Oy is a Finnish design company making cases and bags for portable electronic devices. The company's products are aimed at devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops and game consoles. One of the central aspects of these products is their unique design. Golla employs around 60 workers, and its products are sold in more than 100 countries. 

Currently Golla has offices in Finland, Germany, France, Japan, China and United States. The company's main office is located in Helsinki, Finland, where the product design also occurs.


Malta mobile phones


MaxCom S.A. is a modern, dynamically developing company involved in production and continuous improvement of telecommunication devices - mainly GSM mobile phones, wired and wireless telephones, PMR walkie-talkies and GPS satellite navigations.

In 2008 MaxCom was the first to introduce on the Polish market user friendly, ergonomic GSM mobile phones with large keys. These phones have the SOS function, which ensures feeling of security in every situation. Simply press a button when necessary to quickly call for help.

A high level of expertise and years of experience gained in electronic and IT sectors allow us to fulfil the expectations of our customers. Through continuous development we guarantee the highest quality of products and their modernity.

We make sure that our products are reliable, secure and easy to use, yet modern.

We are currently one of European leaders in terms of the number of sold handsets, their modern appearance, advanced features and technology.

All our devices offered on the European market are CE certified, which allows them to be used in the country and throughout the European Union. We are pioneers in the implementation of the most innovative solutions for demanding customers.

A confirmation of the highest quality of Maxcom products is their excellent sale in telecommunication operators, virtually all chain stores in our country, specialized dealers and distributors and their presence and growing sales in several European countries.


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myPhone company is a part of TelforceOne Capital Group - Joint Stock Company. TelForceOne Joint-Stock Company is the leader of brand-name accessories for mobile telephones on the Polish market. TelForceOne Capital Group consists of 12 production and wholesale companies combined with mobile technologies markets.

Malta phones


High quality standards and reliability: Two properties which are highly important for the i&B Network GmbH.

The top  major brand MemoryStar™ has secured a top place in the storage media sector.

The product line focuses on three core areas: High Performance Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives and Memory Modules. Innovative developments combined with qualitative standards stand for an optimal storage quality. Comprehensive services are self-evident.

Since its foundation in 2002, the company’s philosophy is based on quality and reliability and MemoryStar™products reflect this. 

Malta telephones

Ravelli srl is the natural evolution of Ecoteck Srl, the company founded as an autonomous division of C.F.M. Srl, that has specialised in metal fabrication for stoves and chimneys since 1970, and possesses a wealth of experience in heating technology acquired over decades of development.

Today, Gruppo Ravelli is a dynamic and constantly evolving company, with a team of hard-working professionals, dedicated to monitoring market demand, seeking out the best materials and most advanced technologies, finding new ways of improving the company's products, respecting the environment and protecting nature.

Gruppo Ravelli believes that advanced technological research is a strategic incentive for the company.

This is why the company invests considerable economic and human resources into research and development, creating new prototypes and developing the most advanced ways to perfect already-existing technologies.

Product reliability, safety and durability is tested in a series of procedures designed to improve the efficiency of the products at the factory's testing facility.

On completion of normal laboratory testing, all models are then certified by the most important European Institutions: these certifications formally attest the testing and approval of the product in conformity with the Institution's standards, giving concrete proof of quality, safety and total compliance with environmental standards.

Apros srl is a young, dynamic and forward looking company that was set up in 1997 as the fourth member of the Nalon Group. 
Apros is a leading manufacturer of fume extraction flues and accessories.

The company produces a wide range of product lines covering: 2 mm thick, paint finished flues for wood burning stoves; 1.2 mm thick, paint finished flues for pellet fuelled stoves; single and double wall steel flues; double wall copper flues; and special parts made to customer specifications.

Being part of a wider group gives Apros great flexibility in the management of its own activities that collaborate in synergy between them.
Apros has invested in an extensive park of high-tech plant and machinery including, among others, a high precision rolling centre, a laser welding robot, a center automatic tig welding, three machines of molding, an automatic insulation applicator and a cut machine.

Apros is a certified company, with surveillance fpc, which allowed the attainment of certificates according to EN standards 1856-1:2009 and 1856-2:2009. Today it can also boast of accreditation marks as VKF in Switzerland and HETAS in Great Britain.
All our staff is skilled  and continuously trained through special courses, which we make also available to our customers.
The technical department uses the latest generation of software and it is available to face the various series of installations in coengineering in support of our customers.
Advanced logistics and shipping departement ensure really short delivery times.
Apros also puts a great deal of effort into ensuring excellence in its after-sales and technical assistance services.

The company’s sales network boasts excellent coverage throughout Italy and uses an extensive group of experienced and specialist agents to ensure efficient and professional product distribution.
Apros also has reliable and expert distributors in many European countries, and not only, including France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Danmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Iceland,Japan, United Kingdom, Malta, Lebanon and Austria.

Apros uses the latest computer systems to enable customers to issue quotations, purchasing orders, and chimney calculations on-line at 

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